About Us

ViMLoC Operating Values

ViMLoc is a collaborative network to connect, engage and support visible minority librarians of Canada.

We aim to

  • Connect and represent visible minority librarians in Canada
  • Empower visible minority librarians of Canada by providing professional development support
  • Engage, collaborate and support research in the area of visible minority librarianship
  • Extend support to librarians working with multicultural users and collections

CLA Network Proposal

Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Network (ViMLoC Network)

Terms of Reference: This will be an ongoing network:

  • To provide a forum for visible minority librarians across Canada to discuss issues and concerns specifically related to their profession
  • ┬áTo facilitate the discussion and sharing of information to provide and improve upon information services to multicultural populations
  • To organize professional development activities, such as webinars and workshops to advance the profile and role of Visible Minority Librarians in Canada
  • To liaise with other visible minority library networks in other international organizations such as the American Library Association (ALA) and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  • All members will be encouraged to contribute content information for workshops, webinars or conference presentations from this network
  • Terms of Reference may be adjusted over time to accommodate future needs or the growth of the network

Plan of activities:

  • Mentoring visible minority librarians and visible minority library students
  • Create a listserv for this network and other social networking presence as necessary
  • Host in-person meetings, lectures, conferences, paper and poster presentations, and workshops at the CLA annual conference on topics related to being a Visible Minority Librarian or working with multicultural populations in Canada
  • Collect statistical information on the number of visible minority librarians living and working in Canada for research purposes

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