Welcome to ViMLoC

Welcome to ViMLoCVisible Minority Librarians of Canada Network.

Are you a visible minority librarian?  Or are you interested in issues that concern visible/ethnic minorities or multicultural issues as they relate to librarianship?  If so, you will want to join ViMLoC.

Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Network (ViMLoC) is a network within CLA.  The approval to start this network came through in December 2011.  ViMLoC will be an ongoing network that serves as a forum for minority librarians across Canada.  It is also a forum to facilitate discussion and information sharing to provide and improve services to multicultural populations.  So, you don’t have to be a visible minority librarian to join us.

This Network consists of 10 founding members including 2 moderators –Maha Kumaran and Heather Cai.  For more information on founding members, moderators, Terms of Reference and plan of activities of this network, please go to http://www.cla.ca/Content/NavigationMenu/CLAatWork/Networks1/Visible_Minority_Lib1.htm

In 2012, ViMLoC will be looking to recruit individuals to join the network. Watch for our poster presentation at the CLA conference 2012.  You can join the ViMLoC list serve by sending an email to us via: http://groups.google.com/group/vimloc/

If you have any questions regarding the Network please contact one of the moderators: Maha Kumaran at Maha.kumaran@usask.ca or Heather.cai@mgcill.ca.

This website is still under construction.

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