Diversity and Inclusion Highlighted in ARL’s Research Library Issues 286

From ARL:

ARL has published Research Library Issues (RLI) no. 286, a special issue focusing on fostering diversity and inclusion in research library operations and culture. The three articles in this issue of RLI cover recruitment and retention of staff from traditionally underrepresented groups, organizational climate and health, and library services to people with disabilities.

In the first article in this issue, Kathel Dunn and Joyce E. B. Backus of the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) describe NLM’s strategic efforts to diversify its own staff as well as the broader workforce in medical and health sciences libraries in the US.
Next, Michael Crumpton of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) discusses UNCG Libraries’ ClimateQUAL survey results and the improvement strategies the libraries implemented based on staff feedback collected with this tool for improving workplace climate.
Finally, Darlene Nichols and Anna Ercoli Schnitzer of the University of Michigan review issues for libraries to consider as they work to make content and services accessible to a growing population of users with disabilities. Nichols and Schnitzer also discuss strategies for making libraries welcoming organizations for staff of all abilities.


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