The Future of CLA and ViMLoC

On January 27, 2016, the Canadian Library Association voted to dissolve following an extensive process. During this process the CLA worked with a large number of library associations across Canada to develop a proposal to advance the interests of libraries. CLA will evolve into a Canadian Federation of Library Associations.

What does this mean for us at ViMLoC? Over the next few months CLA will undertake the process to wind down as an organization and pave the way for the Federation. ViMLoC will pay close attention to these changes that will no doubt affect our group. We intend to keep you all informed about the latest developments through our usual communication channels, the blog, facebook and email. But rest assured, the mission and work of ViMLoC remains unchanged and we will move forward as a collaborative network that strives to connect, engage and support visible minority librarians of Canada.

Allan Cho and Maha Kumaran, Co-Moderators

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