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IDEAL ’19: Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries & Archives to Be Held August 6-7, 2019

Do you believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to personal and organizational excellence in the library and archives professions? Are you doing groundbreaking research on diversity– and inclusion-related topics and want to share it with your colleagues on an international platform? Mark … Continue reading

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Navigating Law Librarianship While Black: A Week in the Life of a Black Female Law Librarian

The ideal work environment provides a sense of purpose and validation. Inevitably, however, unconscious or implicit biases permeate the workplace because we all have them. These biases can be based on race, age, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, physical disability, and … Continue reading

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Soliciting performance, hiding bias: Whiteness and librarianship

Despite the growing body of research on our professional demographics and multi-year diversity initiatives, librarianship in the United States remains overwhelmingly white. I suggest the interview process is a series of repetitive gestures designed to mimic and reinforce white middle-class … Continue reading

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Open educational resources librarian – Concordia University

OER Librarian Posting English

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Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Libraries: How White Allies Can Support Arguments for Decolonization

Despite the claim to neutrality, a woeful lack of diversity has had, and continues to have, latent consequences within librarianship and the services we provide. Historically, libraries as a product of white (heterosexual, capitalist, middle-class) librarianship have unwittingly upheld dominant … Continue reading

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White Librarianship in Blackface: Diversity Initiatives in LIS

Whiteness—an ideological practice that can extend beyond notions of racial supremacy to other areas of dominance—has permeated every aspect of librarianship, extending even to the initiatives we claim are committed to increasing diversity. This state of affairs, however, need not … Continue reading

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New Research: Servant leadership theory in practice: North America’s leading public libraries

This study aims to understand the current North American public library directors’ views and perceptions of successful library leadership in the 21st century. It was carried out based around a series of semi-structured interviews with 10 top-level directors of public … Continue reading

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