IDEAL ’19: Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries & Archives to Be Held August 6-7, 2019

1.jpgDo you believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to personal and organizational excellence in the library and archives professions?
Are you doing groundbreaking research on diversity– and inclusion-related topics and want to share it with your colleagues on an international platform?
Mark your calendar for IDEAL ’19 to be held Tuesday–Wednesday, August 6–7, 2019, on The Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio. A call for presentations, posters, and scholarships will follow in February 2019.
IDEAL, formerly the National Diversity in Libraries Conference, aims to foster awareness and appreciation of workplace diversity issues through the exploration of exemplary practice, contemporary theory, thought leadership, and strategy development for all those in the academic and public library, archives, and museum sectors.
IDEAL ’19 will provide an opportunity for professionals at every level and across sectors to discuss how increasing workplace diversity and creating an inclusive workplace environment improves organizational effectiveness, creativity, adaptability, and relevance to the communities served by the organization.
As a result of participating in IDEAL ’19, attendees will be able to:
  • Articulate the value of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in academic and public libraries and archives
  • Develop a robust strategy for workplace diversity and inclusion that aligns with organizational or community missions
  • Explore strategies for creating globally inclusive and culturally competent professions
  • See inclusion as a gateway to organizational excellence, social responsibility, and community engagement
  • Contribute to conversations about measuring the effectiveness of efforts to create inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible workplaces and communities
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