C-EBLIP Fall Symposium: Librarians as Researchers – Wednesday, October 12, 2016, University of Saskatchewan

Hi everyone, this is free registration which comes with pre-symposium workshop, lunch, breakfast and a networking possibility with other librarians. Hope you will consider coming:

The 3rd annual C-EBLIP Fall Symposium is a one-day conference open to any interested librarian and is designed to facilitate sharing, collaboration, and networking with the focus on librarians in their researcher roles. Complimentary registration includes the symposium, a pre-symposium workshop on October 11, lunch, nutrition breaks, a post-symposium social event, and, new this year, a networking breakfast!

Register online now: http://library.usask.ca/ceblip/c-eblip-fall-symposium/registration.php

View the program: http://library.usask.ca/ceblip/c-eblip-fall-symposium/symposium-program.php

If you have any questions, contact Virginia Wilson virginia.wilson@usask.ca


Virginia Wilson, MA, MLIS
Director, Centre for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (C-EBLIP)
University Library, University of Saskatchewan
Room 630.5, Murray Building, 3 Campus Dr
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A4
C-EBLIP library.usask.ca/ceblip/
Brain-Work, the C-EBLIP blog http://words.usask.ca/ceblipblog/


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Making Connections Across the Pond – The Network

Hi all, we have been added to The Network coordinated by John Vincent, a librarian from Devon, UK. Devon is very interested in minority issues.  Please read his blog. It is great to know that we have colleagues in UK who are interested in similar issues.

Maha Kumaran

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Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science

Hi all, The University of Maryland, College Park is hosting this conference. The conference dates are October 20 – 21, 2016. Hope you have a chance to submit a proposal or attend. You can find more information about the conference here http://ipac.umd.edu/events/cidlis2016

Submissions are due by July 22, 2016.

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New citation just added to bibliography: Enjoy Reading!!

Visconti, Gianmarco.  (2015).  Legislation without empathy: race and ethnicity in LIS. Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, 10(2).  Retrieved from http://www.criticalimprov.com/index.php/perj/article/viewFile/3565/3649

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The Future of CLA and ViMLoC

On January 27, 2016, the Canadian Library Association voted to dissolve following an extensive process. During this process the CLA worked with a large number of library associations across Canada to develop a proposal to advance the interests of libraries. CLA will evolve into a Canadian Federation of Library Associations.

What does this mean for us at ViMLoC? Over the next few months CLA will undertake the process to wind down as an organization and pave the way for the Federation. ViMLoC will pay close attention to these changes that will no doubt affect our group. We intend to keep you all informed about the latest developments through our usual communication channels, the blog, facebook and email. But rest assured, the mission and work of ViMLoC remains unchanged and we will move forward as a collaborative network that strives to connect, engage and support visible minority librarians of Canada.

Allan Cho and Maha Kumaran, Co-Moderators

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Call for participation – International librarianship experiences

Hi folks this came my way through Medical Libraries Discussion Listserv MEDLIB:

Call for participation – reminder for international librarianship experiences

Recently Lara Seven Phillips (formerly of the University of the South Pacific, Fiji) and Kate Holvoet (currently at Zayed University, in the UAE) sent out a call for participation for people who have worked as a librarian in a foreign country to fill out our email questionnaire. This is a reminder that we still would love to hear from librarians who have worked abroad.

We are looking to include anecdotes, advice, cautions, lessons learned, etc. from other librarians who have worked abroad. We want to hear from people who work in all areas of librarianship, and at different kinds of libraries. We want our book to reflect a variety of international experiences. If you are interested in telling us about your experience, please click on the Dropbox link, download the survey and return it to kate.holvoet@gmail.com and lara7seven@gmail.com.


If you have any difficulties downloading the questionnaire, please contact Kate (kate.holvoet@gmail.com) and she will be happy to send you the Word or PDF document, or just email version of the form.

The questionnaire lists the kinds of things we’re looking to find out about your experience working internationally. You can be as brief or as thorough as you like; please don’t feel obligated to answer all the questions if they either don’t apply or you don’t have anything to share on the topic.

We would appreciate having questionnaires returned by 31 January, 2016. If you can’t make that deadline but would like to participate, please let us know. There is some room for flexibility. As well, please feel free to pass our contact information to other American/Western school librarians working internationally who you think might be interested in participating.

I am happy to answer any questions about the book that you may have. I can share the table of contents, a sample chapter, my own “personal narrative’

of my experience working abroad, or whatever else you might like to know about the project.

The questionnaire is in both PDF and a word DOCX formats- please use whichever is easiest for you (an email response is also fine).

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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Two articles that might be relevant for visible minorities

Two articles came my way today and I thought it might be of interest:

Fryer, Roland G. Jr. 2007. “Belief Flipping in a Dynamic Model of Statistical Discrimination.” Journal of Public Economics, 91(5-6): 1151-1166

Lehmann, Jee-Yeon. 2013. “Job Assignment and Promotion Under Statistical Discrimination: Evidence from the Early Careers of Lawyers.” working paper

I will post them to the bibliography.  Enjoy reading.


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